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Imagine Alaska having no more problems with fraud.  No more doubts in the security of the vote.  No more errors and mistakes in our public records.  The technology to secure everything from your vote to your PFD on an immutable and decentralized blockchain is here... and on a blockchain which cannot be compromised.

Alaska can and should move into the 21st century to address systemic problems and a lack of transparency in our systems.

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The Alaska Blockchain
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The immutability, speed and transparency of the Cardano Blockchain is what makes it so transformative.  There is literally no valid reason to oppose the move to decentralized, private, immutable voting records. 

The list of blockchain voting benefits is extensive, but here are a few key points:

Certainty your vote was counted

Change your vote until election day

The vote count is instantaneous

Who voted for who is still private

Massive reduction in election costs

Total Elimination of Fraud

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Collaborating with Cardano

Right now, much of the third world is taking a quantum leap forward by moving their country's monetary and property ownership system onto the Cardano Blockchain. The importance of these tectonic shifts in the global paradigm cannot be overstated.

There is no more system with more peer-reviewed security and more functional utility than Cardano.  The more decentralized a project is, the less chance for corruption and abuse.  The use cases for Blockchain and the Ouroboros Protocol are limitless.


Blockchain is the elegant idea that everyone should know everything relative to a transactional record and no one should be able to change a record in the past.  If you do something (like voting) you want a record of it, it should not be able to be edited or amended later by anyone, or else you couldn't trust that it was valid.  Blockchain solves this problem.  

Bitcoin, the first blockchain technology is considered Blockchain Version 1.  It has very little utility outside of common faith in digital scarcity.  Ethereum is considered Blockchain Version 2.  It built on the concept of blockchain but added the ability to execute a smart contract.  When X happens, do Y.  Ethereum had inherent flaws that revealed themselves in the years following its creation.  Cardano was created to address the fundamental problems with Ethereum, by one of Ethereum's creators.  Cardano is Blockchain Version 3, and solves all of the problems of Ethereum in an elegant and infinitely expandable manner. 

The underlying technology is exceedingly complex, but much like you don't have to understand the code that runs your iphone or samsung galaxy, you only need to use it via an interface.  The Alaska Blockchain will have a simple, secure and effective user interface that will eliminate the need for technical knowledge without compromising any security.  

Absolutely yes.  100%.  In Ethiopia, the government is managing identities and access to government assistance with low cost printed QR codes on a sheet of paper, all built on the Cardano Platform.  Once you verify your identity, that piece of paper becomes your access to the blockchain.  Elections will still need polling places for Alaskans without technology who still wish to vote, but the vast majority will simply vote from their phone so the lines will be very short and the process automated and easy.

Cardano Blockchain Technology is only similar to Dominion in one way, they both require electricity to operate.  Blockchain technology is not controlled by one entity, it is decentralized by design.  50x more decentralized than Bitcoin in fact.  The vote is not counted by humans, or manipulatable by anyone because it is immutable (unchangeable).  Once the vote is cast, it is on the blockchain.  Even if you change your vote later, there will still be a record of your original vote and what you changed it to.  Only you can change it, and only you can see that it is YOUR vote.  The tally will be instantaneously available at the Snapshot for the State of Alaska to announce results. 

A snapshot is a moment, captured in time.  Since this new system is on the Blockchain, vote counting is instantaneous.  Whatever has been recorded on the blockchain at a State of Alaska determined time will equal the results of any election.  It is a game changer for voting, for information security, and for our State in general.  

Cardano operates on an advanced Proof-of-Stake method of data verification and consensus.  It is fairly complex, but suffice it to say, utilizing technology available today and in the foreseeable future, it cannot be done.  The resources required to compromise even one record, would exceed what is currently at the disposal of world superpowers, much less independent hackers.  

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The only way that Alaskans will move toward a future that answers the data issues we face, once and for all, is through education.  If your organization would like to schedule a presentation that explains the possibilities of blockchain technology, and what it will mean for Alaska, please use the form below.

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